Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This past weekend I attended a Photoshop workshop at SCAD—Atlanta. In it, I learned about each of program’s tools and their uses and how to better utilize the layers feature to my advantage (“La-yers!” [I scream, as I shake my fist at the sky.]). Regarding the few things with which I was already familiar, the instructor showed me faster and easier methods to go about them, which will allow me to become a Photoshop MASTER!
Haha! Here is the movie poster I made. It is literally THE WORST, but in making it, I learned some cool stuff,
so please disregard its ridiculousness. (Also, don’t you love Mel Gibson’s CRAZY face?!)
I am a big fan of continuing education, and after months of heckling, my work finally agreed to pay for this. And, nerd that I am, I was pretty excited! And it ended up being pretty good; I learned a lot, which was cool, but we went pretty slowly, and each day was 8 hours, so it was kind of like I spent all weekend at work.
One thing that KILLED me about the workshop, though, was that there were two mom-age ladies and a girl my age from the Soviet Bloc (I don’t know; she had a Russian-type accent!) who not only were beginners to Photoshop, they were beginners to computing in general! For example, when we had to do a Google search to find an image to work with, they were all like, “Wait. What now? Where is Google?” SIGH. I thought the class was Intro to Photoshop, not Intro to Basic Internet-Based Searches!
Literal quote from a lady: “I’m lost. Where do I find the desktop?”
The SCAD—Atlanta building is really cool, though, and if you get a chance, you should definitely check it out. The building is so multi-purpose and design-y, it’s almost as if the building itself is a brochure for the school. There are neat art installations and projects posted everywhere, and the cafeteria looks like a movie set for an art school cafeteria. It makes me want to take classes there regularly! But, alas, as I am not made of dollars, I will continue to squeeze weekend workshops out of my company whenever I get the chance.

Have you ever taken any continuing ed-type workshops? If so, were they awesome, or were they the worst?

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