Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Apples in Stereo

It’s Thursday again, and that means it’s Music Day on the old Love, Love, Love It! Blog. And today, I’m going to talk a little bit about The Apples in Stereo.
I was introduced to the band last year when a friend sent me this video:

Isn’t Elijah Wood adorable? He’s so young-looking; I feel like I have a middle school crush on him.
Also, this video is BANANAS.
Love it! Seriously. I immediately got that album (Travellers in Space and Time) on itunes. It’s so fun and dance-y! And although I’m not a typically electro-pop kind of girl, I really like this album; it seems so 60s-inspired.
However, when poking around ye old interwebz to write a better post for you (you’re welcome), I found out that the album I have isn’t actually representative of the band’s sound at all. In fact, it’s a concept album intended more as a “time capsule for listeners of the future.” Neat?
SO, since the album I had and the band's earlier music were reportedly pretty different, I decided to investigate. Umm…totally worth it! The songs I listened to (from #1 Hits Explosion) had the same catchy tunes and 60s-inspired rhythms as Travellers in Space and Time but minus the electric stylings (which I was pretty happy to lose anyway). My favorites were “Ruby” and “The Bird that You Can’t See”.

I feel like the lead singer, Robert Schneider (not to be confused with Rob Schneider) has a really neat voice!
Anyway, I ♥ this band. You should check them out. Happy Thursday!

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