Tuesday, February 8, 2011


OK, so I’ve been interested in writing a new post for days now, but I didn’t have anything that I was really moved to write an entire post about. I’m like halfway through three different books, I watched The Town over the weekend (not exactly what my college professors would deem “newsworthy”), and I haven’t been out and about on the streets of Atlanta lately because a) it’s winter and b) I have to save all my dumb dollars for my wedding this September (I mean, people tell you that stuff’s expensive, but no, really, it’s nuts.)
So INSTEAD of talking about my media habits a/o my lack of recent adventures, I’m going to give intershoutouts (internet + shoutouts) to some sites that have been keeping me occupied during down time in my cube.
When Parents Text—a blog where people submit text exchanges from their parents, typically one part wacky parental advice and two parts technology-based hijinks. This site is basically the story of my life. It’s like Texts from Last Night, but I think it’s funnier, in part because I can relate more but also because it’s more light-hearted? I don’t know; I just like it. I literally LOL’d at my desk, which is always worth it, even when (especially when?) it gets me the stink-eye from my cube neighbor.
Do you want waffles or muffins for breakfast? Just text “A1” for waffles or “B1” for muffins.
Why did you go through all that trouble? Why can’t I just text “waffles” or “muffins”?
We are texting in code! ;););) :)
A1 or B1?
Mom. Yes.
I think I would rather have muffins. I’m making muffins
Thought black I peas were good! That furbie chick is hot

COLOURlovers—a site where you can create/compare color palettes/trends on a social network/blog-type setup. This site is so neat! I may be a nerd or whatever, but I found this site yesterday and was having so much fun goofing around on it. I doubt I’ll spend a lot of time on it connecting to other color/design nerds, but it was pretty cool to see what other people had come up with. And I “invented” this color:

Style Me Pretty—a gorgeous wedding blog featuring a ton o’ photos of real-life weddings. So I love this wedding blog. All of the pictures are SO beautiful! Since this blog is a No Fronting Zone (NFZ), I will admit that I have been reading this blog for approximately two years. I KNOW I just got engaged like two months ago, but I don’t read it for the wedding part! In the same way I was interested in that color site, I think I just like reading about design/aesthetics. Also, it is well-written. Don’t judge me!
And finally, call me a softie, but this was my favorite Super Bowl commercial:

You can see the actor’s tiny, adorable face here. 
Do you have any intershoutouts? Are there any blogs/sites you love but read with a secret shame??

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  1. "furbie chick"--LOL! I also like damnyouautcorrect.com, similar to When Parents Text, and Hyperbole & a Half, which you introduced me to. Only problem is she doesn't post often enough. I also like mimismartypants.