Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So many things…

This post is going to be a mixed bag. I have a little to say about a lot of things. Sort of a post of all trades, master of none, eh?
First of all, I think my body is rejecting me. This happens pretty regularly.  If I really looked into it, I would probably find out I had some kind of food sensitivity/intolerance to something I’m currently eating every day. Either that or my generalized anxiety about everything is stressing me out, and I need to take up yoga. (Must add this to to-do list….)
Which brings me to the fact that the wedding is only ONE MONTH AWAY! ACK! I am freaking out about this. Not the marriage part, that is fine (although let’s be honest, if it wasn’t, this is the LAST place I’d want to talk about it). The actual wedding part, though, is becoming a huge stress for me (see previous paragraph). One million things left to do! One million trips to LaGrange to make before the big day—which leads to one million dollars being spent on gas. John Paul is also driving me nuts because he is so laid back about everything BUT NOT in a positive way! More in an “Oh, yeah, I’ll get to it” or an “I haven’t decided yet…” way. PUNT!
HOWEVER, kudos to him because he (finally) finished painting the study! It looks awesome, and I want to hang out in there all the time now. The walls are this great muted orange color, and thanks to my fabulous soon-to-be MIL, we have these amazing bookshelves for me to display all my books. Actually, she gave us so many, I told her she’s just enabling my book addiction. Yikes. This room is part of my dream house:
Author Neil Gaiman’s Library
Anyway, times are tough, but not that tough. I may be stressed, but I’m super excited to be marrying the man of my dreams, THIS GUY:

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