Friday, August 26, 2011

Photos and Before

Hey yoooooouuuuu guys!!!
The photo shoot went well. I know you were all biting your nails in anticipation, wondering how that would turn out. Several people have asked me about my extensions, though, so I will briefly describe them now: they are clip-in type and made of real (human [haha]) hair. The tops are like a combination of a very short-toothed comb and the type of clip that if you bend it out, it’s open and if you bend it in, it’s closed (what is this kind of clip called!?). It was very convenient for the photos because normally at 95°F and 50% humidity, my hair acts like a real jerk, but since the majority of it wasn’t really mine, but instead someone else’s, more accommodating, hair, it continued to look normal/curled the entire time. Overall, the look was more Miranda Lambert than Botticelli’s Venus, but what are you going to do?
Also, fun story: while at Probate Court getting our marriage license, JP and I overheard a woman discussing the following with a probate officer:
Woman: So let’s say a woman marries a Mexican. Does he automatically become a citizen?
Probate Officer: No, there are a lot of other factors involved, and even then, it’s a lengthy process to citizenship.
W: What if she’s pregnant with his baby? After the baby’s born, do they both automatically become citizens?
PO: No, ma’am. They baby would be a citizen because the mother is American, but the father would still not be a citizen.
W: What if both the mother and the father are 17?
PO: Did your daughter come in here earlier this week to talk to me about this?
W: Yes, she said that you said the baby’s father still wouldn’t become an American citizen, I just wanted to double-check.
PO: Well, that’s true. And I also told her that both sets of parents had to come in and sign all the paperwork if they intended to get married.
W: Well, his dad won’t come over here. He’s in Mexico, and he won’t come here. They were thinking about doing it over there, in Mexico. Like, she would meet his dad, and then they would get married down there. Do you know how she would go about going down there?
PO: Does she have a passport? She could just get it cleared through the passport office.
W: No, she doesn’t have one.
PO: Well, she’d have to get a passport, unless you know some other illegal means to get her down there…
Let’s just say it digressed from there. As soon as the woman left, the probate officer just walked back to her desk, slowly shaking her head and kind of looking over at me. I could tell she wanted to talk about this wacky situation, but discussing probate court business with unrelated parties may be even worse than suggesting a woman sneak her pregnant 17-year-old daughter into Mexico.

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