Thursday, August 25, 2011

Engagement Shoot

Today JP and I are having our engagement pictures taken. At this late date, you may be asking yourself. Why bother? And I agree wholeheartedly, HOWEVER, if I have learned anything from 26 years of living, it is to pick my battles with my mother, and this is one I chose not to fight.
From an email sent to the photographer:
ALSO, I know that you guys spend a lot of time editing these and choosing the best ones, but if you could send me like 2-3 pictures from the shoot shortly afterwards, I would be indebted to you FOREVER. My mother is really anxious for us to put our engagement in the local newspaper, and she has been driving me NUTS to go ahead and get these photos taken. We can get the rest of the pictures literally whenever, I just told her I would try to go ahead and get one sent in to the LaGrange Daily News ASAP. :)
His reply:
That’s fine. Your mom sounds awesome.
Ha. Oh, photographer. At least he’s accommodating. Also, I’m getting my hair done today as in having my extensions put in. This will be me:
Except with clothes.
The estimated temp for our shoot time is 95°F. Yes, August was definitely the best choice for this. AND I’m supposed to go by the florist and the courthouse beforehand to take care of other wedding-related activities. When I told JP we had to do the second thing together, he said: “Can’t you just take care of that yourself? I just want to go [to LaGrange] and relax.” To which I said: “Number 1, no I can’t, and number 2, relax this!” [As I punched him in the face.] Correct me if I’m wrong, readers, but getting your wedding license taken care of needs to be done by both individuals getting married, right? I mean, otherwise I could have just gone to the courthouse alone and “taken care of this” myself years ago, CORRECT? Ugh.
I’m sure everything will turn out fine. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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