Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Love It (x3) List of the Week

What am I loving this week? I’ll tell you:
JP and I are watching the previous season (Season 3?) right now on DVD. I like it, although I am sometimes horrified by the choices the characters make, e.g., one of the guys uses rehab to surreptitiously market his meth to recovering addicts (“This one kind of meth is sooo good, I don’t know how to not use it.”). My favorite part about it, though, is that it’s something JP and I can watch together. He rarely gets into series of shows and typically watches only sports or the History Channel, so whenever I find an engaging show we can watch together, I plan entire evenings around it. Seriously.
Tiny Dancers
We’ve started taking dance lessons again, but this time it’s just us and our instructor Natalie. I’ve found it really hard to concentrate the last few times we’ve been, though, because there are these two couples who are so talented it’s hard for me not to stop and watch—and none of them is more than nine years old! Seriously, they are so talented and all their little moves are so exact, I am jealous of their skillz. If only JP and I had started our lessons like 15 years ago, we’d be dominating the dance studio today.
These are not the actual kids, but their moves (and my intimidation level) are the same.

To-Do Lists
I am knocking things off my to-do list like they are hot. I’m trying to get a lot of this wedding bologna taken care of early, so when things really get down to the wire I won’t have one million things left to do. Although I feel like the work for these kinds of things really expands to fill the time you have, so maybe I should just take a snoozer instead…At least for now, checking things off is making me feel mega-productive.
What are you love, love, loving this week?

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