Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wedding Music +/- Subliminal Messages*

As you may have understood from previous posts, I am currently planning a wedding. I don’t want to talk about wedding planning per se, but it is MUSIC THURSDAY (I should create an awesome graphic for that), and so I thought I’d bring you guys into a music-related issue I’ve had weighing on my mind. We’ve already selected a reception band, which comes with its predetermined set list, but bands take breaks, and I plan to insert myself as much as I can into the prerecorded song selection process. So I’m thinking, what are some great songs that are fun for weddings but that maybe the recorded version is better, e.g. “Somebody to Love” by Queen? Let’s face it, not everyone can hit the notes of Freddie Mercury.

Really any advice for songs would be great (seriously, contact me). My college roomie is getting married in May and needs lots o’ suggestions as well.

Another question that occurs to me, though, is how much do people really listen to the words/messages of songs played during the wedding reception? Scanning through my iPod, I’ve come across some really fun, danceable songs, but in taking another listen, I think, “Is this song reception-appropriate?” For example, the song “Golddigger” by Kanye West has a great beat and is very festive where dancing is concerned. However, is marrying someone for money the message you want to convey when you just married someone for (hopefully) love? It seems like a weird thing to bring up.

Another fun one that you may not be as familiar with is “Breaking Up” by Rilo Kiley. I love this song, but as it’s pretty obviously about breaking up, it feels like an odd one to purposely play.

What a random video!

Am I overreacting? That is a likely possibility as it’s kind of how I roll. What’s your opinion, though? Does it even matter? Let me know. Also: song suggestions. For real.

*I almost titled this post “Hit List”. Ha. I am dumb. I am REALLY glad I thought that one through first.

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  1. I think this post is you subliminally asking me to sing Somebody to Love at your wedding. Am I right or am I right???