Friday, November 4, 2011

Too Much Time: November Goals

So I’ve basically decided not to do any plays through the end of the year. There’s nothing coming up that I’m really interested in (Xanadu? No, thanks.), so I might as well utilized this time to take care of some stuff that got pushed to the wayside for the majority of the 2011 while I was wedding planning and dealing with family stuff. And to hold me to my intentions, I’m going to start posting monthly goals of the crap I need to take care of each month.


 Hopefully, by the end of this month, I will be the lady in white...making all my goals...

1.     Finish writing thank you notes
You guys, I have so many left, it’s embarrassing. I’m not even going to discuss it here. However, I’m really going to aim for finishing them by the end of the month (with a super-secret backup goal of the end of the year)

2.       Pay down wedding debt
I’m not going to lie. Although my parents paid for half my wedding, I had to cover the other half, and I either didn’t save enough in advance or I went outside my allotted budget when things got down to the wire. Probably a little of both. So now I have a few bills left to pay. And I need to KNOCK THEM OUT. Nobody likes bills hanging over their heads, so I’d like to pay these down as soon as possible so I can start saving for fun stuff again. Which leads me to my next goal:

3.       Don’t buy lunch during the work week
$10 here or there doesn’t seem like much, but it can definitely add up. So while I’m on this self-induced payback plan, I’m going to cut costs where it doesn’t hurt by bringing my lunch every day.  Can I do it? Probably, but only time will tell! See you never, debt!!

4.       Attend five yoga classes
“Take up yoga” was one of my 2011 goals. I don’t want to get into yoga for its focus on mindfulness and relaxation—I can’t really see that working for me—but I do think it would make me more flexible, limber, and strong. 

For a little over a year now, I’ve been a pretty committed gym member, running a few times a week and attending a few strength classes regularly. However, I read somewhere that to be truly fit you have to have cardio endurance, strength, AND flexibility, and y’all, I am just not flexible. I can’t even touch my toes. It’s sad. Anyway, hopefully yoga will help me out with that.

5.       Work on TOP SECRET blog project (i.e., not being a human incubator)
More information to come this month.

So that’s it for November’s goals. Is there anything you want to knock out this month?

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