Monday, November 7, 2011

Falling for Fall

I had an a-mazing weekend. I didn’t get anything productive done, but life’s not all about working hard, okay?

Saturday JP and I met up with some friends at Chomp and Stomp in Cabbagetown. It’s an annual chili cook off, bluegrass festival, and 5K race, although we only took part in the chili and bluegrass elements. The weather was perfect (sunny, upper 50s/lower 60s), the music was great, and the chili was delicious. Actually, some entries were delicious and some were just okay (I’m looking at you, chicken and green chili chili!). But we had a super fun time regardless, and we will definitely go back next year. I wanted to take of photo of JP and me holding up our chili spoons, but after a few rounds o’ chili they were stained that never-to-be-clean-again orange and just looked gross. Sorry!

Then, yesterday, JP and I drove up past Clayton to the Ellicott Rock Wilderness. I wanted to go on a hike and take in all the beautiful fall foliage, and that’s exactly what we did—with a typical JP twist.
First of all, it took two hours to get to the site we planned to hike, which I feel is a little far, considering there are beautiful sites just outside of the city. After the first hour in the car, I asked JP why he was so insistent we visit this particular spot, and he said, “You told me you wanted to see the best leaves, so I’m taking you to see the best ones.” I’m pretty sure I said I would like to see “some” leaves, but whatever. The truth is revealed, of course, when we arrive and he pulls a previously hidden fishing pole and tackle bag out of the back. His defense is that he would not really be fishing because the pole he brought was not his fly fishing rod but instead just a regular fishing pole. ???

However, despite the fact the site was a little far and JP stopped every quarter-mile to take a little fishing break, we had a lot of fun. The day was gorgeous, the trees looked great, and it was really nice to get out into nature and just hang around. I feel really relaxed today, and I seriously doubt I would feel this good if I had spent yesterday doing laundry and hanging around the house. Getting outside: I recommend it!

Did you have a good weekend? I hope you took advantage of the great weather!

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  1. You and JP are so adorable. Sounds like a nice way to spend a fall day, fishing included.