Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Honeymoon Reading


I’m back and better than ever. I want to discuss the wedding/honeymoon/et al., but feel like it would be better if I waited for photos. As a brief overview though, everything went really well. The weather was perfect, both at the wedding and in St. Lucia, we’re still married, so we’ve got that going for us, and neither of us got eaten by a shark (a real, albeit improbable, fear of mine).

Things I discuss without visual aids are the books I read while on said trip: To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis and Thunderstruck by Erik Larson (which I am only halfway through). I didn’t get that much reading done because JP and I did SO MANY ACTIVITIES (more on this to come), but I really enjoyed reading these two.

To Say Nothing of the Dog is technically about time travel, but the majority of the book takes place in the 1880s, so you could almost classify it as historical fiction. The story is interesting and funny (in the vein of the Hitchhiker’s Guides) and I would recommend it to anyone even generally familiar with that time period and/or Oxford.

Thunderstruck is also good so far. I read one of Larson’s other books, The Devil in White City, which was great, and this book is headed in the same direction. Larson does these really in depth examinations of tangentially related topics in history, which I really enjoy because it really puts the ‘A’ topic, crime in both of these books, into the broader perspective of the ‘B’ topic. Neat!

Anyway, now I’m back and I’m busy doing busy and important things. Anyone know an easy way to knock out 200 thank you notes?

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