Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Final Countdown

Today is my last full work day prior to the wedding. ACK! I don’t have that many things left to do, but I’m still a little anxious. That’s just my way. For example, one time, even though I had completely finished the run of a show, I had dreams for weeks afterwards that just as I was about to go on, I looked down to find I hadn’t brought any of my shoes with me. NO SHOES! Luckily, I took my wedding shoes to LaGrange last weekend, so this should be a non-issue. AND, as we’re leaving for the honeymoon on Monday and will be gone about a week, I probably won’t be posting again until October 5! It’s not that I’ll be too busy, I really just don’t think we’ll have internet there. Oh, well! Anyways, just thought I’d leave you guys this awesome video as a kind of “until we meet again…”

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