Monday, June 6, 2011

So Many Things...

So many things keep happening! I don’t know about you, but I went from having one planned social activity per week to what seems like one every night! I am running out of time AND money, and summer has just started.
Admittedly, having too many activities on your social calendar is a real white girl problem (fun girl problem?), but as someone who has moderate anxiety pretty much at all times, having too many things to do takes my personality from quirky to neurotic pretty darn quick. I need to relax!
On that sunny note, here’s a list of—
1.       Getting SCUBA certified. JP and I are taking classes so we can SCUBA dive while honeymooning. I am pumped! I hadn’t really thought much about getting certified, but when couple friends of ours said they were getting privately certified by an acquaintance, it seemed a good time to jump on board (ship pun intended?). I’m going to get my mask today, which my certification book emphasizes can be both functional AND fashionable…I think I’m fine as long as it’s functional.

Me. In the future.

2.       Seeing Avenue Q at The Horizon Theatre Company. Avenue Q is a really funny musical (I mentioned it the other day in connection with The Book of Mormon) that I saw both when I lived in New York for a summer and when the tour came to Atlanta last year. Horizon is one of the first groups in the country that has been allowed to put up a local production, and they seriously did a great job. The local talent was awesome, and it was neat to see it in such an intimate space. If you live in Atlanta, you should definitely check it out!
3.       Picnicking in Freedom Park. Some lady friends and I set out on a birthday-related picnic adventure over Memorial Day weekend. Initially we headed to Piedmont Park, but we soon realized (from the traffic and promotional banners) that the Atlanta Jazz Festival was being held that very weekend, thus our dreams of ever finding a parking space were dashed. I had remembered passing another park en route, however, so we turned around and headed back the way we had come. With plenty of parking and plenty of green space, our picnic was saved!  And your's could be too??? Just check out the ladder sculpture.
Is anyone else doing SO MANY THINGS?

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