Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I’ve Got Questions; You’ve Got Answers

Yes, it’s that time again! Time to play let’s ask the audience because Elisabeth has no idea what she’s doing!
So, I went to a friend’s wedding this past weekend, and let’s just say it was beautiful. I mean, seriously, it was a really nice wedding and may be one of the nicest weddings I have ever attended. And not that my wedding will be as swanky-swank as this one (true life: it won’t), but it did put me back in the wedding mindset, which I have blissfully been attempting to ignore for the past few weeks.
Because of this, two questions have arisen:
1.       Where should we go on our honeymoon??? Seriously, I don’t even know, and since I am rarely put in the position of pondering where in the world I’d like to travel, I’m finding it kind of difficult to decide where to go. I keep checking out travel books from library, but the only conclusion I’ve come to is that I’d like to go to all the places. Maybe there’s time to trade JP in for a billionaire?? Seriously, any advice in this would be helpful.

2.       What is the deal with favors??? It seems like all the cutey-cute weddings I keep looking at online have them, but I’m sorry, gang, I just do not have the time to fill hundreds of tiny jars with my top-secret jam recipe (FACT: I do not have a top-secret jam recipe), nor do I have the time to cover their tiny lids with squares of burlap and affix said burlap with ribbon. While that sounds like a lot of fun (NOPE), it seems like a lot of work for something that people may or may not care about (e.g., I slave through my pre-wedding week covering hundreds of jam jar lids with hundreds of tiny burlap squares only to have people say: “Oh, strawberry jam? No thanks. I only eat raspberry.” What is your take on favors: totally worth it or total waste of time?


  1. 1) We went to Puerto Rico on our honeymoon. Without indulging in too much hyperbole, it is the greatest, most beautiful place on Earth. We stayed in San Juan, but the island is small enough to get just about anywhere.

    2) The only really good favor I ever got at a wedding was personalized lip balm from People loved it so much we gave it as favors at our wedding. Otherwise, most of them have been more or less useless.

  2. 1) Go to Paris or to Peru or to Costa Rica?

    2) Favors seem like a nice, thoughtful thing, but then you're forcing your guests to carry them around for the rest of the night post-wedding. And/or travel with them. Which can sometimes be annoying. I think most guests appreciate the gesture but would not be offended if they didn't get one. (I like raspberry and strawberry jams and you can always make Trey do all of the heavy lifting and/or make origami for everyone.)

  3. We didn't have favors because I couldn't handle figuring it out. Maybe everyone talked about it and thought it was tacky-tack, but I suspect most people didn't even notice.

    One of the best/worst favors I've received was a CD of the couple's fave songs. Just so happened one of them was a high school band director, so half the CD was Sousa marches, and the other half was filled with their other favorite genre, Amy Grant-style love songs.