Monday, July 25, 2011

Office Space

Here is a question for you, blog readers: How close are you and your coworkers? For example, I am friendly with people in my department. We get lunch sometimes during the week and occasionally will get together for a movie sometimes after work. We have fun, and then we go to our respective places of residence.
John Paul, however, is way too close to his coworkers. Actually, I don’t know if he’s way too close to them or they’re just way too pushy. On Friday night, for example, JP and four of his coworkers all rode together down to Sweetwater for the beer tour. Fun times. Then they all came back to our area and got dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Still okay. Afterwards, JP is all like, “See you guys later!” and they’re all, “No way. Now we’re hanging out at your house.” And that’s where I found them three hours later, getting ridiculously drunk because they’d decided they were all spending the night (except the guy who doesn’t drink/ironically lives within walking distance). It probably wouldn’t have even been that bad except this one guy is pretty much perpetually ornery and is weirdly always ready to fight. He told me he “had a lot of stuff he could say to me,” but wouldn’t, he said, because he wanted to be invited back. Additionally, on a previous visit, he and JP were in a disagreement and the guy tackled him in our kitchen. What the crap?! I feel like adults should not fight (physically or otherwise) in one another’s homes, but maybe that’s just me.
Is this tale weird to anyone else? Or do your coworkers often sleep over and/or battle it out in your home? Any 'my coworker is weirder than your coworker' tales would be welcome. It's a Monday.

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