Thursday, July 14, 2011


Are you as excited as I am? I am pumped, but I am a little bummed that I don’t have a bunch of people to be excited with. For example, when the final book in the series came out, I was interning at Southern Progress in Birmingham. Not only did I have a whole slew of fellow interns to be excited with, but my entire department (Corporate Comm/Legal) went to the midnight release party at Borders. It was so festive! I think the corporate library (I have no idea why that was a thing) even threw a Harry Potter theme party for everyone. My friend Erin was the library intern at the time, and I remember she had to run around SPC’s wooded campus to find enough wand-like branches to give out as favors. Ha!
Over the past few days, I’ve been emailing my college friends to discuss their plans for the final film installment. Most are going to tonight’s midnight screening and several are making HP-themed treats and/or watching all of the previous movies in preparation for tonight’s final chapter. As for me, I’m seeing it with a friend Friday night—sans costumes, sans butterbeer, sans HP movie marathons! I am all about themed events, but it’s hard to get really jazzed up about something that everyone in your immediate vicinity feels kind of “meh” about. Where are the fans?? Are there super-secret HP parties in Atlanta that I just don’t know about???
Seriously, Atlanta friends, let me know.
And in honor of Music Thursday:

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  1. Girl, you KNOW I'm excited! I still remember the book release, too, and watching Brandy Wester Moses eat a vomit-flavored Jelly Belly. Good times :)