Friday, April 22, 2011

Snack Pack Weekend

So, I'm headed to my parent's lake cabin this weekend for Easter, but I feel like it's going to be weird.

(JK, robbers! I will be AT HOME with my hand on my .22 THAT I OWN.)

Firstly, it's Easter, which ranks third in the list of holidays in which food plays a central role, e.g., 1) Thanksgiving, 2) Christmas, 3) Easter. But preparing/eating food at the cabin is always kind of strange because despite going there approximately every other weekend, my parents don't really keep any food staples there. Although, I must say I'm not really surprised by this as the staples at their permanent residence consist of onions, Pam, and pimento cheese. 

The one food I can count on to be at the cabin, however, is LIttle Debbie snack cakes. Every time I go over there, I find like six boxes, all opened, of the ageless treats. The thing that kills me the most about this is that growing up, when I begged my dad to PLEASE provide me with name brand treats for my daily sack lunch, he not so politely declined. But now, you'd think an entire third grade class lived over there for all the holiday-themed cakes, peanut wafer bars, and swiss rolls you're likely to find. AND, I've never seen my parents eat them, either! Where are all these snack cakes coming from/going???

The other thing that I am preparing to be weirded out by is the Easter egg hunt my mom has planned for me to throw on Saturday. Will a number of my young relatives be stopping by, you may wonder. No, my friends. I purchased plastic eggs, gummy fruit, and cookies today all for Stella, my tiny second cousin, who, while adorable, is merely 18 months old and will be interested in this shenanigan for approximately as many seconds. I feel like I could just as easily "hide" said plastic eggs behind my back. Despite what the movies tell you, babies are no geniuses.

Oh, well. As long as I get some time in the sun to read, relax, and munch on a plethora of Little Debbie snack cakes, I guess I'm golden.

Have a festive Easter weekend, everybody! Hope you find the prize egg!


  1. Little Debbie, Little Debbie! When I lived w/my grandma for a few months when we moved back to FL, she would give me a Nutty Bar & a Coke every day after school. Or sometimes a Swiss Cake Roll, if that was my mood. Good times. Happy Easter, EP!

  2. Oh man, those brownies are so delish. I had a similar situation with Lunchables growing up. It was always a firm NO at the grocery store until I was in like 8th grade, and by that point, Lunchables were super lame.