Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bring It On: The Musical!

True Life: I’m a drama nerd, so I was bound to enjoy the Alliance Theatre’s production of Bring It On at least a little. I went Sunday night with two theater friends I hassled into coming after I found out we could get “industry” tickets for just $10.
Side note: Industry tickets are reduced rate tickets for people in the “industry”, aka theater professionals. I may not be a professional per se (at all), but I won’t turn down a cheap ticket for anything (making industry tickets my absolute fave).
Regardless of cost, though, the show was great! It started a little slow with too many ballads at the top of the first act but made an amazing recovery as soon as preppy cheerleader Campbell crossed the metal detector-enshrined threshold of her new high school. With a book by the same guy who penned the irreverent Avenue Q, Bring It On’s hilarious one-liners were outdone only by its jabs at contemporary high school culture. “S.T.F.U.!”
Even though I didn’t have the highest hopes for the show (due to its entertaining but less than groundbreaking source material), the creative team really took the basic concept of rival cheerleading squads and ran with it—creating a totally new (and awesome) show hilariously reminiscent of Single White Female. Check it out! That “mess” is headed straight for Broadway.
Bring It On: The Musical runs from January 15–February 20 at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta.

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