Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Best" Picture

I don’t like the Academy Awards show per se, but I do love movies, and I definitely like it when other people can pull out the “best” as ones I should watch, or, more likely, tell myself I need to watch.
Take last year’s nominees for Best Picture. I only saw the ones in bold, but every single other movie (still) sits on my to-watch list:
·         Avatar
·         The Blind Side
·         District 9
·         An Education
·         The Hurt Locker
·         Inglourious Basterds
·         Precious
·         A Serious Man
·         Up
·         Up in the Air
But there’s a huge difference between telling yourself you should see something and actually wanting to see it. A good illustration of this is the time I requested Schindler’s List on Netflix and it sat unwatched in my apartment for 8 WEEKS(!) before I finally just gave in and returned it, unopened. I just couldn’t get jazzed up about watching something that was bound to be depressing. This goes double for Precious, which seems like such a downer that 30 Rock created the parody movie title: Hard To Watch: Based off the book "Stone Cold Bummer" by Manipulate.
And now a year has passed, and I can ask myself if what I’ve been watching at the movie theater is of any quality. Below are this year’s nominations for Best Picture:
·         Black Swan
·         The Fighter
·         Inception
·         The Kids Are All Right
·         The King's Speech
·         127 Hours
·         The Social Network
·         Toy Story 3
·         True Grit
·         Winter's Bone
Hmm…it looks like I did exactly the same as last year (4/10). If it makes it any better, though, I actually am interested in watching all the nominees I haven’t seen this year (except 127 HoursBARF!). And, to pull this off before the awards are announced, I think I’m going to attend one of AMC’s movie marathons. I feel like it would be so festive, but then I think about how long that would actually put me in a grubby movie theater seat—forever. UGH! Decisions!
How many of this year’s nominees have you seen? Better question: how many did you like?

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  1. I had zero desire to see Avatar last year, so I didn't. I actually saw a fair deal of last year's nominees. An Education and Up in the Air were great. The Hurt Locker was intense. This year I have only seen the Social Network, which of course was great. I am probably renting Inception this weekend and then might fork over money to see Black Swan and The King's Speech.